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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Project Linus Quilt Progress

Well, here we are. It's Saturday evening. Another beautiful day here in Shetland with the sun shining and a lovely breeze. I probably should have been working on my quilt all day but of course the weather brings me out of the woodwork and away from any work at all!!
I popped in to Nimble Fingers (see Blog Archive for Nimble Fingers and click!!) this afternoon to see if Polly could recommend a thimble for me as I don't get along with them very well, but my fingers are becoming more perforated than a Tetley One Cup!!
She showed me these:
(Not my own photo)
Thimble-It Sticky Pads for finger tips.
I'm so glad she did!!! They are much better than blood red thread!!
At first they seemed to feel really obvious on my fingers (not ALL my fingers!!! Just the tips of three!!), but after a little while I was quilting really well and getting into the swing of things. I might have to take the rest of the quilting stitches out now and start doing it all over again!.
So, I am happy in the knowledge that I can probably now finish the quilt without visiting A&E!
I will see how far I've got by Sunday night. May be able to post another photo!! Here's hoping.
For anyone struggling like me to use a thimble comfortably, you should consider the Thimble-It sticky pads. You may be surprized!!
If you want to know more about using them feel free to ask me.
If you want to see photos of the quilt so far, scroll down a bit, or click on 'Project Linus Quilt Photos' in the Archive on left hand side.
Back soon!

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  1. Hi Kate,
    I use Thimble-It sticky pads on my left hand, and a leather thimble on my right if that helps. Ros