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Friday, 19 June 2009

Some Little Bits of Artwork

I was hoping to have a quilt update today but it hasn't happened, so here are some pieces of artwork I prepared earlier!!!
In fact MUCH earlier. Probably about 3 years ago or more!

"GINGER" ( pastels )

"PROUD AND WISE" ( Graphite)

"BOAT REST" ( Watercolour )

"SHEEP" (Thousands of dots!! 'Fineliner' pens )

"HUNGRY" (Thousands of dots!! Fineliner pens)

"SHELTERING" ( Very quick graphite drawing!)

"SHORE" (Pastels)

Pastels are probably my favourite medium for creating artwork. I have never been very successful with watercolour ( which shows!!) but I was beginning to really enjoy the 'dot' work with Fineliner pens, both black and colour.
The pen pictures you see above are not finished ( I have quilts following that same pattern too!!) but I did them as an experiment and was relatively pleased with the result.
I am now off to make chicken salad, then I will be settling down to quilting!!
Thanks for popping by!!

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  1. You are truly very talented. I love your artwork