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Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Couple More Pin Cushions and a Coaster in the Early Stages!

Hi everyone, this is a little catch up bloggy just to let you know what I've been up to between gall stone bouts!
Here is a little cockleshell pincushion, front and back......

And I love the fabric in this little cushion. Sadly I only had enough to make one.........

The other side of the cushion is green polka dot fabric which matched the green spool of thread on the front perfectly. I wasn't initially sure if it was too much of a contrast but I'm happy with it now and feel it works fine.

I decided to make something a little bigger today so I selected some puffin fabric and a bright red "dimples" fabric and cut out a 6 inch square of each plus 6 inches of thin wadding to make a coaster. These are the fabrics.............

Click on all pics to enlarge and see the fabric better.

I will be making them in sets, each set consisting of four coasters. They will be bound in a multicoloured fabric that picks out all the colours in the puffin fabric. I'll post a photo once I get the first set done.

Puffins come here to Shetland every year to breed. They are adorable little birds and so tame you can get right up to them to photograph them. Normally there is a webcam set up to watch a particular nest at the south end of Shetland. Unfortunately this year nature was not in this puffin family's favour and the egg didn't hatch. It's just one of those things. It happens in the natural world.

I will be selling the puffin coasters on Etsy but if you would like a set I can always accept payment through Paypal. There will be another set coming soon with gannets on. The fabric is just as beautiful and, as we have gannets here too in abundance, I will be selling both these sets as Shetland souvenirs. A great present for friends or family.

My next blog will hopefully be tomorrow, when I will show you a couple of things I picked up in a charity shop and destined for my Etsy shop.

As always, thank you so much for dropping by. If you're not already following my blog, please feel free to do so and keep up to date with the very fabric of my life!!

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