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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cushion Covers

Hi just showing you a couple of things I've been doing in the last week or so between other quilty things and waiting for my op.
The cushions are for my sister's suite. There are 4 cushions in the set. She's really pleased with them. The fabric was originally a pair of curtains from a charity shop and I bought them knowing what I was going to make them into. Here they are......

That's Brodie Bassett posing alongside and making sure the cushions don't fall over. He's a great help!!!

And these little guys are going to be a large quilted cushion cover for my husband who has arthritis of the spine and needs something quite large and soft at his back while he watches TV..................

I have plenty other projects in the pipeline so come back soon or follow to see what's doing over here in Sleepy Hollow.
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1 comment:

  1. Greetings from an Aussie stitcher and quilter with a love of cats and labradors.

    Love the cushions above and the blocks for soon-to-be cushion.

    I too enjoy incorporating found items in my sewing. In Australia our charity shops are called Op' Shops (Opportunity Shops)and it's always a thrill when you discover something intriguing or fabulous such as vintage notions, hand stitched doilies or a shirt with an inspiring print.

    Am in the process of hand stitching hundreds of one inch hexies for a comforter, have finally decided on a pattern so can begin piecing them together - this is a long term project!

    Cheers Kathy