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Monday, 27 June 2011

How Did I Manage This?

I feel very silly but somehow I have managed to become a follower of my own blog!!! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to delete myself!!! lol

Thank you.


  1. I follow my own blog. It shows up in my Google Reader. That way, I know when my posts do post (when I schedule them), or when they don't (when I mess up). Also, I like to see how my blog looks in the Reader. Some bloggers don't know that their whole post doesn't show up. I know exactly what's going on with my blog, becuase I follow it :)

  2. That's a great idea actually. I hadn't thought how helpful it would be! I only thought of how silly I look! lol
    Thanks for that Jen. Although I found out how to "delete myself" I think I will follow myself again!!

  3. What a clever idea:) I am also following myself - though I don't know how I did it!