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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Operation Over and Feeling Fine

Hi everyone
I'm delighted to report I had my gallbladder removed last Friday following an ambulance trip into hospital in the wee small hours of Wednesday! My surgeon, Mr MacFarlane, did an excellent, neat job and I'm getting better every day.
I may even manage a little bit of sewing over the next couple of days. That would be good!
It may be a little bit longer before I get back on my bicycle! But keep your eyes peeled on my cycle blog and keep up with what's happening over there. The link is on the top left of this page.
In the meantime I'll be reading all your blog updates and finding out what you've been up to in your quilting moments.
As I've no new sewing pics to publish I am sharing a photo of where I live. The view is very near where my house is. It's a lovely little village and I do enjoy living here very much.

My house is further up on the right hand side and I have a great view of high hills and a valley. The sun sets over the hills and often the sky looks as if it's on fire.
Until next time, take care, keep stitching and remember you are loved!


  1. Oh hi. I hope you are doing well now and its great to know you have a wonderful doctor to take care of you. By the way, the photo that you took above is really nice. I think that view would really give you good feelings and its a great inspiration. I think the lake and greeny hills are awesome. Keep it up Kate.

  2. Thanks ever so much. We are very fortunate here in Shetland to have some good doctors and hospital staff. Of course there are always those who will try to find fault. I can't understand that myself. I'd rather be looking for the good in people.
    Hopefully I'll have some sewing to post about soon!! Until then, thanks again and take great care!

  3. Glad to hear you are on the mend, Kate. It must be lovely to live in such a charming spot. Photos and blogs from the UK always make ny feet itchy and wish for more time and money to return for exploring! We have never been to the Shetland Isles - maybe next time:)

  4. What a lovely blog, I'm a new blogger, just finding my feet, but I'm loving reading other people's and seeing all the great pics.