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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Operation Over and Feeling Fine

Hi everyone
I'm delighted to report I had my gallbladder removed last Friday following an ambulance trip into hospital in the wee small hours of Wednesday! My surgeon, Mr MacFarlane, did an excellent, neat job and I'm getting better every day.
I may even manage a little bit of sewing over the next couple of days. That would be good!
It may be a little bit longer before I get back on my bicycle! But keep your eyes peeled on my cycle blog and keep up with what's happening over there. The link is on the top left of this page.
In the meantime I'll be reading all your blog updates and finding out what you've been up to in your quilting moments.
As I've no new sewing pics to publish I am sharing a photo of where I live. The view is very near where my house is. It's a lovely little village and I do enjoy living here very much.

My house is further up on the right hand side and I have a great view of high hills and a valley. The sun sets over the hills and often the sky looks as if it's on fire.
Until next time, take care, keep stitching and remember you are loved!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday

I'm so glad I "signed up" to the W.I.P. Wednesday because it did make me sit down and apply myself to my new broken Star quilt for my friend Cheryl. However, with a young kitten in the house my time was seriously limited and anyone who has had one of these bundles of fur will know they never sleep when you want them to!!
However, I've got a bit of the centre of my friend's quilt done, although it HAS driven me a little mad!! I just couldn't seem to get the whole thing to sit flat and fit together neatly, but I think I've got it sussed now. Funnily enough the very first Broken Star top I made when I was VERY new to piecing went together pretty well.
Maybe I'm losing my touch!!
Here's my progress for this Wednesday.....

Hopefully you'll see a big difference on it by next Wednesday!!
While you're here, feel free to pop over to my cycling blog I've just started.( Click link top left) This is my new hobby! Hhhhmmmm......pity I can't cycle and sew at the same time. At least I'd be away from the kitten's little teeth and claws!!

Don't worry, he was only yawning!!
Back soon!

Friday, 15 July 2011

Livingstone Daisies

Hi again, just want to share with you today a piccy of the lovely Livingstone Daisies that are smiling so vibrantly in my garden today. DH planted these especially for me and I think you'll agree they are just fabulous. Those colours are very inspiring and I am so fond of the orange ones.
Now I'm off to do some sewing so I have something to report on the quilt front soon!! Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Broken Star Quilt Started

Hi, as promised yesterday I'm going to show you the very early stages of my new Broken Star quilt for my friend Cheryl.
As previously mentioned I had free reign with the colours so it took me a little while to decide fully on which colours I would use. This may have been due to the fact that my first Broken Star quilt top was very bold and bright. In fact I called it "Fire Star" but didn't finish the quilt as I was not happy with the quality of sewing. I had started it at the beginning of my "quilting life" and had not as yet discovered Freezer Paper as a backing. The paper I had used had a bit of a sheen to the surface like magazine pages. Here are three photos of that first unfinished quilt top.....

And now the new quilt colours which may seem a bit dull compared to the colours in the above one but they are brighter in real life. The turquoise is a great fabric, nice and fresh and bright, followed by a beautiful lilac/pale purple fabric. The next fabric is a rich purple and I think sits very well between the paler purple and the bright sunshine yellow. Here's how it came out in a photo......

To test my colours I always use my trusty little "peeper"!! Have you discovered how useful a door peeper is in quilting yet? You can buy them for a couple of pounds in most hardware stores. Here's the one I use. I attached a piece of string to it so I can keep it round my neck and not lose it while I'm playing with colours!!

Try this little gadget. It really works. Just have a look at your quilt or selected colours through the peeper. It's always best to have your coloured pieces already cut so you are actually looking at a test piece instead of just pieces of coloured fabric. You'll soon know if there are any glaring "no-no's" in your quilt.

Please tell me what you think of the new colours for the Broken Star quilt. Have you used this combination of colours before and how do you feel it worked in your project? And I'd be delighted to know if there are more door peepers out there being used in quilting rooms rather than in doors!!!

Until next time, which should be soon, thanks for dropping by. Please let me know you've been here and follow so I can visit and follow you too.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another Cute Pic for You!!

I took this photo of Sebbie and Teddy today. Tomorrow I will be posting about the new quilt I've just started so stay tuned!!
Here's Sebbie and Teddy............


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Baby!!

Just HAD to stop for a moment and post a pic of our new baby "Sebbie" ( short for Sebastian). He is slightly feral but we only got him last night and he is coming on so well. He has a little sore eye and his face looks VERY dirty, but he has had a wash since the photos and looks better now. He's just adorable and here he is.....................

Back soon. Thanks for popping by!


Monday, 27 June 2011

How Did I Manage This?

I feel very silly but somehow I have managed to become a follower of my own blog!!! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to delete myself!!! lol

Thank you.

My First Comissioned Quilt....Yay!!!

I have to say I'm quite excited that someone is trusting me enough with a pile of fabric and some wadding to make them a quilt they will treasure!! The person who has asked me to make the quilt is a very dear young ( MUCH younger than me!!) woman with a growing family. Her name is Cheryl. She says she doesn't mind what colour or pattern it is, so I have free reign!! Dangerous!!
No, seriously, I am SO looking forward to making this quilt and I've already been auditioning some purple and yellow fabrics to make a "Farmer's Wife" quilt. That's the plan at the moment!Here are some of the fabrics I've pulled from my stash........

And here are some blocks I may use. The border will be a rich, dark purple and nice bright, rich yellow, which I'm hoping will give the quilt a bit of "ZING"!!

My other project is going to be decorative cushion covers and I recently found the perfect companion fabric to go with some lovely fabric I bought about 10 years ago. That particular fabric is the mustard and red pattern fabric for which I found a red and tan stripe fabric. The colours have not come out as bright and true to their original colours so as you look just think "mustard and rich red"!! It's hard to explain what I have in mind so please keep watching this space for my progress. Here are the fabrics and ribbon.....

And finally for today a couple of pictures from our little garden which my husband tends with much love.......

Himalayan Poppy. A lovely little flower which has survived strong winds and rain here this summer.

This darling little flower is actually a wild orchid. We didn't pinch it from the roadside!!! We can only presume a bird "passed" a seed while it was feeding in our garden. Aren't birds delightful! They sing out of one end and "sling" out of the other end!!!

This gorgeous pink poppy only came out yesterday so I thought I'd get a photo while it was still reasonably fresh. We've had red, pink and salmon pink poppies this year so far, thanks to hubby!

Last, but by no means least, the unstoppable snow in summer plant.
I like the contrast of the snow white against the green foliage.

Well, that's all my news for today. Thanks for stopping by. Please follow so I can follow your blog too and see what inspiration we can share. Back soon.