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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Charity Hopper Strikes Again!!

I love going through the charity shops in town. It's so very therapeutic!! Yesterday I went with my sister and we had a great time rummaging. I call this very enjoyable pastime "Charity Hopping", as we literally hop from one shop to the next, seeking out the gems and jewels!! ( Not literally! I'd rather have books and fabric!!)

Anyway, I thought I'd share my purchases with you as I do with my car booting as well.
So here are a couple of things I really liked.

First of all I found this gorgeous dressing gown. I just love the fabric, which is cotton with a Charles Rennie Mackintosh (CRM) type of design to the hem, pockets, border and tie-belt.
I'm not really a dressing gown wearer. I prefer lounging around in PJ's, so I'm not even sure I will be wearing it.
My immediate thought when I saw it was quite simply, "FABRIC"! I thought of things I could make with it. Plain cushions with the CRM trim.
Even a couple of small cushions with a pocket on the front of each, just because I can!!! And of course I could quilt up a little wall hanging, which I think would look very sweet! Whatever I make, the dressing gown only cost £3.00. I'd have paid that for the belt!!

What would you do with this fabric?

All realistic suggestions most welcome!!!

Next is another favourite thing of mine.........a tin!!! I adore tins, or anything that poses as a container, but I think tins have a special appeal.

This one has cats on it. Of course I would have bought it anyway, but there was an added attraction. I realized as soon as I saw it that my sister had given me the matching square tin a few weeks before!!I couldn't quite believe it!!
Here are the pics of the 75 pence tin!

These pics show the front, back and lid.
I've not been able to put anything in it yet as there was a really horrible smell in it when I took the lid off!! But I've put a halved lemon inside and kept the lid off too so hopefully it will soon be fit for use.
Having said that, I don't think I'll put biscuits in it!!
Well, that's all the pics for now. I did buy four story books for a friend's little girl but I can't let you see them because I've already given them to her!!
Follow my further 'charity shop hops' by clicking on the label "Charity Hopper" under the label section.
Thanks for popping by. See you soon.

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  1. I love Charity Hopping too....but I never seem to find such delightful items. Looking forward to seeing your next finds.