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Monday, 25 May 2009

Car Booting Sunday

Well, a new week has dawned and after the last few hectic days, I am having a rest. I went to a car boot sale yesterday. It was in the village hall near our house so I didn't have far to go.
I'm always on the lookout for sewing things, fabric, recyclable clothing etc. Although I didn't find any of that yesterday I was still pleased with my purchases.

This is a gorgeous little mother-of-pearl lidded container. It measures about 2 and a half inches high and the same across the bottom. I'm not sure what I'll put in it yet. Ideas welcome!!

This next item is for one of my son's who loves cats. A black cat clock with a fish pendulum. I detached the fish to take the photo. Maybe I shouldn't have put it so near the cat's mouth!!

More cats now!! This time a framed print for which I found a perfect space on the wall. Funny how we can always make room for more stuff!! Here's the pic!

The little red case below ( of which you can just see one corner!!!) did not really take a good photo.
Sorry, I will rephrase that.
I did not take a good photo of this little red case!!! But it is the most delightful bright red with a sturdy body and a zip opening. The inside has various compartments which I will no doubt fill with quilting things.
My little magnificent Magda always has to be part of what I'm doing and this 'photo shoot' was no exception. Every time I went to click she peeped around the corner. Finally I gave up because I couldn't stop laughing, so instead of concentrating on photographing the 'red case', I just photographed the 'head case'!!! She's just adorable!!

Last, but by no means least, this little journal with the most delightful floral picture on the front, plus three ribbon markers which match the colour of some of the pages. The pages are pink, lilac, lemon and pale green.

I have a special purpose for this journal. My sister and I are going to keep a journal called "40 Days of Gratitude". In a way it's like a theme you may choose at Lent, but we are just going to choose a date to start and take it from there.

Anything can be included.
A picture or photo.
Something that creates a memory we are thankful for.
Whatever springs to mind really.

Please feel free to keep up with some of my journal entries at one of my other blogs called "Creative Ways to Pray".

It is a brand new blog so please be patient while I get it growing!!

Ok. That's all for today. Call back soon. Get in touch about anything and stay blessed!!

Feel free to join us on our "40 Days of Gratitude" Journals!
It's a great way to count our blessings!!

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