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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rumblings From My Fat Quarters 2009

This afternoon while out with my husband getting some shopping, I went into a charity shop for my usual browse. There weren't many people in and it was good to have a little bit of elbow room. You have to dig deep sometimes for those all important bargains!!
I happened to be standing near a shelf of small ornaments when I heard a man tell the shop assistant he had a donation of money for them. 'Quite a few pounds', he said, or words to that effect. His voice was low and hesitant, as if those simple words he said had somehow cost him dearly.
'How much?', the assistant asked, with a fat-cheeked brusqueness.
'Four....hundred.....pounds', said the man, his words folding in on him like well-handled sterling.
'Is this from some fund raising effort?'
At this point, a horrible stale silence filled the room, broken into only by a deep breath drawn from the chest of a broken man.
'', he began. 'My wife just died. We...we... took up a collection.'
'Oh ok', the charity worker said, pointing to the left. 'You'll have to take it over there to count it out and fill in a form because there's no room on the counter!'

I had a few small items in my hands that I was just about to pay for. I stood for a moment, not really knowing what to do. I watched as two pairs of hands dealt with the money. One pair strong and grasping. Accepting the generous donation, five twenties at a time.
Then I thought of the hands of the man, slowly being emptied of his poignant show of respect.
I left the shop and took a seat on a wooden bench for a moment or two. Then I went back to find the man. I knew him. Not well, but I knew him. I saw him walk ahead of me, his shoulders heavy and his steps reluctant.
I called his name and he turned slowly, giving me time to catch up.
'I'm terribly sorry to hear of your wife', I offered simply.
'Yes...thank you...thank you...', he replied. 'It was terrible.....she got cancer...and...'
I held out my hands to him and he lifted his to mine. They were cold and trembling. But most of all they just felt....empty. That deep, awkward emptiness that comes when there's nothing left to hold.

I cannot quite grasp why the society we live in has become so estranged from compassion. Why is it that there are some who can lash out afresh at other's injuries? Gaze at their open wounds, yet turn their empty eyes away lest they should be called upon to care.

Perhaps some people count on money, while others count the cost.


  1. This is a sad story in part,because someone was left without a life partner.On the other hand I see someone who thought of others inspite of his sorrow.

  2. Well, at first the title to this post made me was the first time I'd seen or heard it. I thought what a funny title and clicked over here to read it. I now understand what you mean by the title for the content was very sobering to say the least. I don't want to pat you on the back for your compassion and understanding in this situation, for I know you didn't relate this to boost your pride. But if more of your readers reflect and see the great needs out there in today's society, maybe this will encourage them to be more sensitive and 'AVAILABLE' to others. It is too easy to sit on our fat quarters while some of humanity limps hopelessly along. Great post!