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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Broken Star Quilt Started

Hi, as promised yesterday I'm going to show you the very early stages of my new Broken Star quilt for my friend Cheryl.
As previously mentioned I had free reign with the colours so it took me a little while to decide fully on which colours I would use. This may have been due to the fact that my first Broken Star quilt top was very bold and bright. In fact I called it "Fire Star" but didn't finish the quilt as I was not happy with the quality of sewing. I had started it at the beginning of my "quilting life" and had not as yet discovered Freezer Paper as a backing. The paper I had used had a bit of a sheen to the surface like magazine pages. Here are three photos of that first unfinished quilt top.....

And now the new quilt colours which may seem a bit dull compared to the colours in the above one but they are brighter in real life. The turquoise is a great fabric, nice and fresh and bright, followed by a beautiful lilac/pale purple fabric. The next fabric is a rich purple and I think sits very well between the paler purple and the bright sunshine yellow. Here's how it came out in a photo......

To test my colours I always use my trusty little "peeper"!! Have you discovered how useful a door peeper is in quilting yet? You can buy them for a couple of pounds in most hardware stores. Here's the one I use. I attached a piece of string to it so I can keep it round my neck and not lose it while I'm playing with colours!!

Try this little gadget. It really works. Just have a look at your quilt or selected colours through the peeper. It's always best to have your coloured pieces already cut so you are actually looking at a test piece instead of just pieces of coloured fabric. You'll soon know if there are any glaring "no-no's" in your quilt.

Please tell me what you think of the new colours for the Broken Star quilt. Have you used this combination of colours before and how do you feel it worked in your project? And I'd be delighted to know if there are more door peepers out there being used in quilting rooms rather than in doors!!!

Until next time, which should be soon, thanks for dropping by. Please let me know you've been here and follow so I can visit and follow you too.



  1. Great tip! I will get one next time I am over in Kirkwall. Thanks!

  2. Thank you Rosemary and Karen for your comments.

  3. Love the purple with the yellow - this combo always reminds me or iris' - a favorite flower of mine.

    In our local warehouse-sized fabric superstore (ghastly place with no soul) they sell a gadget supposed to do the job of your peeper - for a shocking price. Might need to give your hint a try, especially as I still struggle with color choices.

    Cheers, Kathy

  4. Hi Kathey, glad you like the colour combination. I really needed to know what others felt about it but it seems to be fine. I think it was just SO different from the red, blue and goldy-yellow I used in the other quilt top.

    Regarding the "peeper", I've found that any gadget these days that's geared towards the quilter can be a bit over-priced. I do think the peeper is just as efficient in this case and has helped me an awful lot. I've also advised others to try it and it's worked for them. Cheap and cheerful wins the day on this occasion!!!!!

  5. Sorry Kathy, realized I spelled your name wrong the first time. My apologies!

  6. I have made several lone stars but the broken star is on my list of things to do someday. I can't think of paper piecing it. I just make a template out of paper and trace it on to the back of the fabric. I like the colors in both of these.

  7. Thanks ever so much Julie. I am actually having problems with the centre of the new broken star quilt. It's not 'sitting' very well and I'm having to work around that but never mind. All's well that end's well!!! I hope!!! ha ha
    So glad to hear from you! Thank you.