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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Rumblings From My Fat Quarters EXPLAINED!

A FAT QUARTER is a piece of fabric, normally bought by quilters, which is a quarter of a metre or yard ( if, like me, you don't do metres!!). You cut half a yard of fabric and then cut this piece in half across the length. This gives you a piece of fabric approximately 18 inches by 22 inches.

I often sit in the quiet and go through my fat quarters!!

That is when the rumbling sometimes starts.
You know those things that sometimes bug you, other times dement you, confuse you or simply just chip away at your wood!!

These are the things I will write about here. It's just to share with you my thoughts on possible ways to counteract the negative, complacent, selfish and insensitive actions or words of people we share the world with.
I like to visualize it as standing on a beach enjoying the view, then suddenly seeing a wave of gigantic proportions heading towards the shore. But I just stand there. Hold my hand out, and defy the destructive element from advancing. I refuse to be eaten up by an uninvited or unwelcome influence.

So, now and then, I will ***rumble from my fat quarters***!!
And share it with you!!
Bet you can't wait!!!

Just click on 'Rumblings From My Fat Quarters 2009' and ponder, stew, nod, holler or comment!!

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