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Thursday, 5 August 2010

In A Real Jam!!

This evening I have been getting the last of my 'show' things ready for Saturday.
I still had to make "lemon curd" so I bought some lovely fresh lemons from the shop and one of the neighbours sold me 6 fresh, free range eggs, laid only this morning. They were big!!
So I set about making the curd. It smelled gorgeous as I was making it and I was already picturing a rosette!! ( in my dreams!)
I stirred until it thickened and all was well.....until I took it off the heat and left it to cool for a few minutes, stirring a little bit here and there.
I said to my husband that I thought there were a few little "imperfections" in this curd which I didn't experience last time I made it using the same recipe. So I thought I would just run it through the strainer to see if that would help.
Well!!! I got the strainer, took the whole thing over to the sink and started straining.....completely forgetting to put something under it to catch the lemon curd!!! That's right! It all disappeared down the plug hole!!! I couldn't stop laughing, it was so bizarre!
Fortunately I kept back a jar I made from my most recent batch which will suffice. But I still can't believe I did that!!
Here's a pic of the lemon curd with it's little "sunhat" on, and the four jams together that I am submitting to our local agricultural show on Saturday.

Rhubarb jam, strawberry jam, rhubarb and ginger jam and the lemon curd.

Just off now to machine a border onto my Dresden Plate quilt.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Kate!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your jams look lovely~I would like to have one of each if I lived closer~I adore lemon ....What a momemt for you when you discovered your lovely work going down the drain!!! My aunt did that one year at Thanksgiving with the gravy~oh my!!
    Take care~ ♥Eileen